A fashion executive at a 50-year-old Milan couture house, Meron, 25, is an avowed lover of flowers (“amante dei fiori,” she declares in Italian) from the bougie-bohemian neighborhood of Brera. During the wee hours of the weekend, before motorinis tear through Via Mercato, Meron slips on a light quilt jacket, gathers her tote and sage-colored satchel, and steps out into the cappuccino-scented mist of the morning.

Her first stop: the floral artisans of Frida’s on Corso Garibaldi, where she picks up a cheerful pile of pink anemone for her apartment. After rummaging through the local market, the spring morning suddenly turns moist. She takes a breather in Fioraio Bianchi, a French bistro and flower laboratory on Via Montebello, where she unwinds in her breezy shirtdress over a frosted glass of Blanc D’Argile. Living in the fast lane of fashion can be tough, but Meron is a firm believer in life’s pause button and finding pleasure in the present moment.


Photographed by Giovanni Fato and art directed by Alessandra Facchinetti for harlan + holden in Brera, Milan.