Tracianne Estrada

For La Union-based Tracianne Estrada—photographer, surfer, skater, swimsuit designer—summer is a state of mind, and a never-ending season. When she’s not chasing early-morning swells on the northwestern coast or riding her longboard down a winding asphalt road,

This media-savvy free spirit likes to get her hands dirty running Float, her body-positive swimwear label that celebrates stretch marks, and La Gula, a buzzy new dessert shop on the Urbiztondo shore.

Sporty yet style-conscious, the 32-year-old entrepreneur with a 75,000-strong following is no stranger to the influencer’s quest for Insta-perfection. But she prefers to keep it real—and refreshingly raw—both in her dreamy feed and everyday wardrobe. From serious business calls over Zoom to salty romps on San Juan beach with her whippet, Django, and Italian greyhound, Gusta, Tracianne’s eternally sunny collection of time-saving pieces is always ready for today’s meeting or tomorrow’s adventure.